Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A country bike ride!

Ozone is on the edge of Whitefield, town to the one side but villages and countryside to the other. I have been out on my bike with a group of friends and also with Simon. It's amazing how easy is it to get out into the country side and also how friendly and helpful, when our trail disappears, the locals are... Biking and picture taking not melding well together, these are a few iphone snaps.

Firstly to prove I really was on my bike!! you can see how green and fertile the crops are, post monsoon.

These are some of the trails we share with other pushbikes, cows either on leash or wandering free, giggling kids wanting to high 5 as we pass, motor bikes, stray dogs, oxen pulling carts etc.etc.

Too easy to forget how close we are to nature and a more quiet and peaceful way of life.

We passed one home where there was the sound of a rhythmic banging. So we stopped and took a look. Real cottage industry!! One guy and his looming, weaving the most beautiful sari. All too happy for us to stop and take a look.

Good start to a mid week holiday, Happy Gandhi Jayanthi!

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  1. Love the biking photos. I have only been brave enough to cycle out of Palm Meadows twice, and those were on strike days with no traffic!