Monday, October 14, 2013

Bare naked cars!

Today is  Ayudha Puja - 9th day of Navrati (full story blog Oct 9, 2011)  and almost all forms of transport are dressed to kill - well actually dressed not to kill - they have been blessed for 12 months of safe travels twisting and turning both horizontally amongst other vehicles and obstacles on the road and vertically over the potholes, speed bumps and tracks that make up the roads of Bangers.

But our poor four and two wheeled steeds are paint less, adornment free and real party pooppers. Today is the first day I missed having a driver - there was no-one to puja the cars and bikes. The gardener washes the cars a couple of times a week and with hind sight I should have asked him to buy the kit and do the necessary.

So here's a flavor of some of the cars in our hood and outside.

Our neighbors were very busy - 4 push bikes, 2 motorbikes and two cars all blessed for a safe 12 months on the roads!

Even the Mall was decorated - whether for Dussera or in preparation for the long run - to include the upcoming festival of lights - Diwali and Christmas only time will tell!

On our walk back from our local Mall we passed one the the newly painted walls into out hood - now adorned with tiles to reflect the multi religious society here - on the bottom row we have mother Mary flanked by a couple of Hindu gods and on the top we have Jesus. If only the whole world could be so harmonious.

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