Sunday, October 27, 2013

Truly a trailing spouse!!

Simon was booked in for a week long conference in Goa and we decided it was too good an opportunity for me to miss out on. So for a couple of days we left the kids with two wonderful friends and very early Sunday morning flew out to Goa. By mid morning we were in our hotel.

This was totally unlike any of our previous trips either to Goa or in the rest of India in that we hardly strayed out of base camp. The only adventures I experienced were in the books I read, and there were several.

We had lunch in the Cicade De Goa where we stayed with the kids when we were in India on holiday back in 2008 - when we had no idea we would ever end up living here!! That was about 5 and a half years ago, when Ads was the age Wills is now, and Wills was a toddler!

We stayed in one of these rooms from which we could just walk down to the beach.

Simon's conference was in the Grand Hyatt which was very grand - unlike the hotels we normally stay in!!

However, it was a touch incongruos that Simon's conference was entitled "Leading in a digital world" with lots of signage next to gardeners with brooms and pulling weeds by hand!

So in the Hyatt, where the latest trends and advances in technology were being discussed, just outside  India went about it's business in the same manner, unchanged for many years.....

While this mini break was a really relaxing experience and  these hotels were a beautiful side of India - it's not my Incredible India - mine is the one of color, noise and chaos!!!

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