Monday, February 7, 2011

3 haircuts, a dentist, and a doctor! can even get bogged down with the mundane everywhere in the world, again all the same but still a bit different.

The boys all got their haircut -
 - Ad's vertically growing hair is apparently "very unusual" (polite I think for plain weird!) and it is recommended he wears a cap as much as possible to try and flatten it - Ads wasn't having this and said he likes to be "unique".
 - Wills hair was cut by a younger guy - hence he has a sort of mini forward mohawk - on which he has used copious amount of gel already.
 - Simon declined the "free 10 minute head massage" - I think he was a bit nervous as to what this entailed!

I took Wills to the doctor for a cough, low grade fever and for him, lack of appetite and low energy, for which I thought we may get anti-boitics, and in any case, we needed to register with a pediatrician. However it transpires he has asthma (fortunately the pediatrician I went to is an asthma man!) Wills was nebulized  for a couple of minutes - I think he quite enjoyed the mask - a sort of Star Wars thing! We left with inhaler, spacer, allergy meds and capol. Total including seeing the doctor, nebulization (we got to bring the mask home!) and the rest of the meds - less than $20. Makes you think what the mark-up on meds is in the US!

Asthma is apparently reasonably common in those new arrivals to Bangalore who are that way inclined - change in climate, dust, pollution..... Wills had a bit of excema when he was younger - same "family" as asthma. Hopefully once his body gets used to it here the asthma will subside. Thirty minutes after the nebulizer he was hungry and terrorizing Kathik and Sweetie! Just returned from our follow-up appointment (a wopping $5!) and he's doing fine - we just need to use the inhaler on an "as and when" basis and if he gets a cold.

Saturday afternoon, yes Saturday, Simon went to the dentist for a regular appointment - not an emergency. The dentist just works evenings and weekends.

This week have one more doctor (Wills follow-up), desperate need of the remaining haircut, and need to make the other 3 dental appointments!!!


  1. family and I are considering moving to Bangalore (job opportunity) and I enjoyed reading your blog.

    We've heard from my wife's coworkers that there are problems in Bangalore with the water, internet service and cell phone service. Have you experienced any of those problems?

    I read your entry about the post office. Can you not receive packages from the U.S. (or anywhere else they might be shipped from)?


  2. Ron - Glad u are enjoying my blog.
    We have not had any problems with cell phone service, getting the cell phones up and running took a couple of days - mainly because we needed to jail break my i-phone!
    Water - no problems in our gated community - the water goes through some filtration system before it arrives in the house - we use that water for cooking, bathing, teeth cleaning, washing up etc. We buy drinking water in 20liter containers which is delivered and is $2 a time.
    Internet - we have power cuts now and again but the gated community has a generator so it is back up within a couple of minutes - just have to reboot which is a bit of an inconvenience but that's all!
    We have had issues with the mail but now we get important things shipped in and out of my husbands workplace, which so far has worked well,
    We've now been here nearly 3 months and the kids are settled and enjoying it, I am feeling this is somewhere we can definitely live for the next few years, If you have any other questions do email me -

  3. Thanks so much for the info! We're still trying to make the decision and have about two weeks. I'll email you directly.