Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Mac India had a farm............

Both kids have had field trips in the last week.

Adam's to leadership camp - where he had a blast, didn't seem to want to come home. Roughing it for 5 nights under canvas must suit him - or was it not having to have a shower or change his clothes that appealed to him. Well, whatever he can't wait to go next year!, had lots of adventures and exciting leadership type activities.

 Wills' kinder class, on the other hand had a trip to a farm (or small-holding!), which he and his class seemed to enjoy but quite frankly in a land where cows, goats, dogs, ducks and hens can be seen roaming on the streets, taking the kids on a bus trip to see same but tied up seemed a bit feeble!
All the kids actually seemed to listen to the guy at the zoo more quietly than they listened to their teachers! However, the talk was all about behavior and I can't say they learnt anything about the animals. Blue was the color of the day, we were the only school there, so I guess the "blue" helped the teachers differentiate the kids from the livestock!
Wills did seem to have fun and it was nice seeing him interact with his classmates. I took refuge in the shade but Karthik, our driver, managed to show a bit of interest and enthusiasm for the few motley looking turtles - which were the "special treat" at the end of the trip!
The playground was definitely the highlight of the trip - but whether swinging in a tyre was worth the bus ride????
Wills thought so!! - but in this land of so much, this farm trip seemed to represent so little!!

Just had to add this - Ads came home from school saying his teacher had told him his hair was getting a bit long and needed a cut! As Ads' hair continues to grow vertically, I think it is more the problem that it looks potentially rebellious (not that anyone could describe Ads as that!) and it is school picture day next week - so I will get a pic of Adam in his formals - which he is still avoiding here at home, and I will post it!!!

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  1. I liked where you had mentioned,'blue helped differenciate kids from the livestock! lol!....what a good way to put it! he! he!

    About adams hair growing vertically....with more and more people moving into b'lore only vertical expansion is happening in the city! :) Adam looks super handsome with or without a haircut, his teacher must be jealous that he is getting more attention that her!!! ...