Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surely you just bang a nail into the wall.....

We thought it was time to hang some pictures to make our temporary home more homely, and that's when I thought, "Surely, you just bang a nail into the wall...."
Not that simple.....
First you need a carpenter, so you call the maintenance office, "carpenter, yes ma'am, coming today" - transpires there is no carpenter coming that day, so following day you call the maintenance office, "carpenter, yes ma'am coming today" and carpenter did come, complete with his bag of tricks.

First, out came the drill, which was duly plugged, as you can see from the picture, I use that term loosely!!!

Then for every picture I wanted hanging - measurements were taken up from the floor and in from the sides, a hole drilled, a wooden wall plug hammered in and then forced open with a chisel and only then the nail. Also, he did put newspaper on the floor to catch the dust.
It's a cross between the sublime and the ridiculous - this wonderful crazy country. My pictures are all the same distance from the floor, exactly midway between the doors or windows on either side of them, but.... there are huge irregular holes in the walls - luckily in the most part hidden by the pictures. Simon had better not decide they are in the wrong place!!
And of course the carpenter ran out of time so tomorrow I call the maintenance office again............
You got to live it and and love it!!!

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  1. I am amused by the fact that in the picture above he seems to be drilling a hole directly under a light fitting, where I would have thought there might be a wire going to it - oh well perhaps they do wiring differently in India!!! Nice to have pictures on the wall even if they are in a straight line. Hope Wills is better now that he has an inhaler, normally if children get asthma young they tend to get better when older so here's hoping that that is the case. Look forward to seeing a picture of Ads in his uniform and smart haircut, Cx