Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girl's Night out in Bangalore!

"wear what you wear when you go dancing in bars" said Shubha, as if it's all perfectly obvious!
"In Almaden?"
We laugh but it seems like a good excuse to go shopping!

On Saturday night we head off, all 16 of us, dressed a tad different from my everyday attire here, where I favor the kurta (long tunic) and jeans or leggings, for my first experience of Bangalore at night.

Bangalore holds up to its reputation as the "pub capital of India". We literally head to the sky!! The Skyye Lounge is a new bar on the roof terrace of a 16 floor building. We arrive about 9.00pm, by which time the place is already rocking. It's a people watchers heaven. This is almost the first time I have seen female legs exposed since we arrived in India! - mini skirts abound! Everyone is here from the bright young trendy things, the wannabes,  the "I was cool in the 80's and haven't moved on" (collars still turned up!), and of course the Moms on the loose! Cocktails flowed, (over priced as everywhere).  In India, where everyone male or female seems to be a dance-a-holic, even tho' the music was dire (or maybe I'm just too old to appreciate endless, no change in pace rhythm!), we danced and danced, under the stars. Also, in true Indian fashion, there was a lot of fun and laughter. The views over the city at night were great, and being in the open air, under the stars, with all the glam of an upmarket designer bar was quite something.

The three components of social activities in India seem to be: dance/music, fun and then, of course, nothing is complete without food. So we moved to a mid-night buffet in a Bangalore Hotel. All that dancing does make you hungry!

Home in the early hours, great evenings, thanks girls!

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