Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best excuse I've ever heard!!

"Sir, little late sir, a cow charged into my motor bike".

Firstly - Indians like to please - so "little" here meant 2 days!

Secondly -this is entirely plausible! - Karthik, our driver comes to work on his motor bike and there are numerous sacred cows on the roads some of whom are a trifle aggressive.

Karthik is our fount of knowledge and wisdom here in Bangalore - he seems to know short cuts through the maize of streets here, answers our probably seemingly obvious questions about life here without bursting into laughter or rolling his eyes and when his duties have extended beyond the roads to the go-cart course has maintained his cool!
Wills was too young to drive here by himself and I thought I (and Wills too) would be safer if I stayed behind the camera lens!

Simon has driven the car - his maiden voyage was a tad timid but now he uses his horn like a native (horn means I'm coming thro' - make room or.....) Apparently the golden rule is to look ahead as if blinkered and leave the back of the car for the other users of the road to worry about.

Luckily for Karthik, Simon added the first little mark of life to our new vehicle - had a little issue reversing.  Yes - we have graduated from our Volvo wagon to an SUV - not sure about this as a positive move but definitely as a passenger its a lot more comfortable!

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