Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A landmark on the ex-pat voyage!

I remember, when we first moved from the UK to the U.S, I felt it was a real sign that we had truly arrived the first time I bumped into someone I recognized in the grocery store. I remember all the details, it was QFC on the Pine Lake Plaza in Issaquah and the lady was a german lady I had met playing tennis. I'm not sure I ever saw her again but that's not the point!

In San Jose, I'd feel it was a really bad day if I didn't see someone to crash shopping carts with or wave my Starbucks at on the Almaden Expressway's Safeway Plaza.

Well, yesterday I achieved a double hit, here in Bangalore!! First I met a fellow Indus mom at a furniture store, I was looking for a bed - no joy. She bought 4 items of furniture and some towels!! Then at the bookstore I spotted 2 ladies from the 'hood.

Does this mean I feel we belong - no, but it's definitely a mark of passage and seems something worth blogging about!!

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