Monday, January 10, 2011

A "Wonderla" Indian Amusement park - same or different to the U.S?

Welcome to Wonderla!! - Wills' 6th birthday treat.
As expected lots of water and lots of thrills (again - I took the behind the camera stance for the day!)
Water was clean and warm - solar heated! Ads, especially, was happy to see the solar heating. In a country with no apparent re-cycling, lots of pollution etc - this gave him a glimmer of hope.
Ads and Pranav took to the skies upside down and their stomachs I'm sure inside out! - but they wanted to do it all again!
Plenty of differences as well. The food for one - real Indian fare (not the best) but cooked there and then - and yes for the less adventurous toasted sandwiches and fries (but still cooked in front of us) and I won't tell you what it cost to feed the 5 of us!
Big discrepancy between the "in the water" attire of the ladies and the guys...
Copyright Helen Towers 2010
Look at these beautiful school girls in the wave pool in their uniforms and the ladies to the left in their rich blue saris. Yes, all fully clothed in the water. But the guys - why is it the ones that really shouldn't are the ones in the skimpy speedos? I did take some pics but couldn't bring myself to post! 
What do the life guards carry to protect themselves from the sun?
A standard issue black umbrella - sensible idea? When I was lubing up Simon & Ads, to protect them from the sun, lots of Indian kids came up and asked for some sunscreen and proceeded to rub it on - not sure if they really knew what it was for or they were following  the "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the palest of them all?" In the stores here the "whitening/lightening" skin creams are as prevalent as the anti-aging ones in the U.S. Our new game, when looking for each other in a crowd, or in one of my pics is a spin off of "Finding Waldo" - "Finding the White Wones!"
We had a great day, the unbridled happiness and smiles of the Indians at play is infectious! Even the groups of teenagers/youths/young people have an unrestrained "joie de vivre"


  1. What is your conclusion about this park.

  2. Happy belated b-day Wills!!