Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who was in Cubbon Park on New Years Day?

Well we were, with our modest picnic, together with lots of other families all with bigger picnics, huge family groups and their best clothes - all to celebrate the New Year. The Indians sure know how to picnic! This little girl was so gorgeous in her party best!
The family groups came equipped for all eventualities and entertainment. For anyone who thought sari's are restrictive - not at all - anyone for badminton?
Then, again the contrasts of this amazing country - the old and the young, the lovers and the lonely, the poor and the not so - rubbing shoulders or at least under the same photo lens!
And the park itself is a huge refuge in the centre of Bangalore - away from the traffic and the chaos - but the realities of life are never far away - lurking behind every seemingly calm bamboo tree are the goods, bads, beautifuls and uglies of life - This is INDIA!!

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