Friday, June 10, 2011

Cross Cultural Wedded Bliss!

This wedding really warmed my heart and hope for the future of the world!
The beautiful Tanu marries the true Brit Steven, amongst a mixed array of guests. This was wedding activity number 1 (of 5 or 6), the Sangeet - hosted by the aunt and uncle of the bride, who flew in from the US the same morning - it has to be reiterated that these Indian weddings are amongst other things a test of endurance! The happy couple also have an English wedding on the horizon!! Basanthi, the aunt of the bride, is a close friend of Shubha from her San Jose days, who we also know through friends of ours that live next door to Basanthi in San Jose. Adam and one of Basanti's boys, have also met on the soccer pitch in San Jose - small world!

This event is an evening for the two families to mingle, get to know one another and basically get the week off to a good start. Once again the hospitality and generosity I, a pseudo gate-crasher received, was second to none. This is the third wedding I have attended, some part of, in our 6 months in India! All of which have been "extended" invitations - so a huge thanks to my hosts!

This is me (yes - I am wearing the same as at the previous wedding! - time to go shopping!!), the beautiful Shubha in the middle and Basanthi, the gracious host. The whole evening was organized remotely from the US. The lighting, the music, the dancers, the MC, the food (so much variety - I couldn't do it justice!), the portraits, the astrologer  -I've no idea how they did it!

The evening had professional Bollywood dancers who wiggled and shook, gyrated, pranced and preened, beautifully choreographed and perfectly synchronized. And then, a bit less professional but just as enthusiastic, the Brits were put to task and it has to be said they bore up well!
The evening was hosted by a very "all - involving" M.C. who had everyone up and participating in one form or another. In the most part the groom's side were the pale and rosy Brits and the bride's party and hosts, the Indian side. When all were on stage, bride's side on one part of the stage and groom's on the other people kept offering to help me move over to join the right grouping!
The bride and groom were delightful (see above pictured with Shubha, Surya and Pranav), their families so welcoming, I wish them all happiness as they embark on their married life and the families futures are entwined. In fact the M.C. put it so well - all evening she had pitted the 2 families against each other in various competitive activities but at the end announced that there was no winner as the 2 families were now one!

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