Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wills leaves kindergarten behind!

Kindergarten graduation, which I have to admit was really cute, even tho' I find the whole concept a bit absurd. But I guess it is a mark of passage into the world of ties and belts! Yes, school uniform next year for Wills!

Now this event started on time and remained on or ahead of schedule - I don't know if I'll ever work out Indian timings!

Trouble with having a tall kid is they are always in the back row - so it's really hard to get good pics, especially when they are wearing their mortar boards!
All the kids looked proud in their purple gowns and the teachers speaking gave suitably tear inducing words of wisdom. The kids did a sort of bollywood dance  - its amazing how some of them are so good at the coy wiggles and semi -flirtatious expressions already.
 Wills' teachers this year, Miss Marie and Miss Shanti have been truly great. Wills started off here sad, shy and scared but has ended the year happy, confident, with lots of friends and looking forward to first grade. Has academics have progressed well, and being the tallest and the strongest in the class he has done really well in all sports (won both swim races at the swim meet last week) which has been great for his confidence.
So it's hats off Wills!

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