Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two "hairy" moments and wild elephants!

So far this week Adam has only been in school for 4 hours (2 hours Math test and 2 hours English test) and has managed two hair related incidents!
I have previously blogged that the hairdresser commented that Ads hair is most unnatural as its seems to grow vertically but I really didn't think it was too bad.

On Monday, while waiting to go in for the Math test, Ads was summoned to see the head of the middle school. He, a trifle nervously, decided to go see the middle school administrator instead (she's further down the food chain), and was told to go and wet his hair down as the spikes were inappropriate. So he hurriedly threw water at his hair and went to his Math test.

Today, while waiting to go into his English test, he and the "other Adam" in his grade were both pulled out of line by the head of middle school. Must be some connection with "Adam" and follicle issues!! Apparently the "other Adam" tries to have a slightly rebellious persona and his hair is a lot more wild and wayward and also longer than "our Adam's". But "our Adam" was told "Man, if you get your hair cut it'll look more smart" - he thought this was hilarious and is adamant he is NOT getting his hair cut in time for the last test, french on Friday.

Meanwhile Simon got an email at work, sent to the whole of the Indian office, which you would not see in the US/UK. Apparently wild elephants have been seen in Mysore and employees are put on notice to be extra vigilant on their way into work!!

Having read this morning's paper, I need to update this blog. Apparently the wild elephants were a real threat, one guy gorged to death, couple of cows down, not to mention vehicles damaged and another two folks in the hospital. One sometimes underestimates the powers of nature, so beautiful and majestic from a jeep on safari but so wild and viscous out of their natural setting.

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