Monday, June 27, 2011

Going dark and getting confused!!

Last night Adam's 5th grade teacher, from Graystone in San Jose, popped in to our house in Bangalore for a visit. Adam really enjoyed seeing her - 5th grade was one of the highlights of his elementary school experience.

Today, Monday, we met up with friends from San Jose who are visiting family in Bangalore. It was wonderful to see Veda, Pranav and Pavana and catch up on all the Almaden going ons!! Altho' it made me realize we have been away quite a while as Pranav especially is looking much more grown up.

Tomorrow we fly to Paris for a few days, then through the chunnel to the UK where we meet up with the Jumps, who are renting our house in California, who will also be visiting family in the UK. We are meeting up for the day in Cadbury World.

All aspects of our expat life are overlapping - the world is shrinking, its wonderful that living in India we are not loosing our friends and connections elsewhere - but the "where am I?", "what am I doing?" gets a bit confusing!!

But its also bye-bye blog for a couple of week and hello real espresso, croissants and CHEESE, not to mention vin rouge followed by the good old motherland, family, old friends from school days, college days.........and hopefully, dare I say it, not too much rain!!

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