Friday, May 10, 2013

And how do you eat your mango?

Chopping up Mangoes for the kids, I was reminded of an old After Eight T.V. advert which was a sort of character study. People sat around a dinner table, the narrator watching how they ate their after dinner mints....the nibbler round the edges, the stuff the whole thin mint in the mouther........and determining what this may or may not portray about their personalities.

And After Eights bring back memories. Those Yuppie (Young Upwardly-mobile Professional Person) dinner parties of the early nineties. G & T's, starter: green salad, main: beef bourguignon with copious red wine, desert: chocolate mouse. Followed by After Eights and coffee from the cafetiere in little espresso cups. Attendees trainee chartered accountants and lawyers working in the "City" (of London). Music: Roxy Music, Bowie, Simply Red etc. That was a long time ago!!

I have seen After Eights here in Bangers - but only at way exorbitant prices. But on my next trip to the UK, I think I'll hunt some out  - I do still have the music to go with!!

Anyway my kids have very different ways of eating their mangoes.

Wills likes his sliced off perpendicularly at either side of the stone and then he eats with a spoon - like eating a boiled egg.

The middle section around the stone is left in one piece and he picks it up by hand and chews and sucks until every last vestige of mango is gone and his hands and face are mango juicy.

Ads meanwhile likes his mango diced hedgehog style. This is one skill I have nearly mastered since being in India. Again mango is sliced perpendicularly either side of the stone. But then the two end pieces are knifed to the skin criss cross style and then the skin inverted and it does look a bit like a sort of hedgehog. Its easy then to cut the pieces off. Ads eats with a fork. 

Two different styles to eat their mangoes -what it says about their very different personalities I need a therapist to decipher! 

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