Friday, May 31, 2013

No longer Vista'ites, we are Ozonies.

The 'hood is no longer Basavanagar but Whitefields.  We are t'other side of Marathalli bridge......

We bid farewell to Adarsh Vista with relatively little drama. Most of our furniture came with us except for one sofa which found a home in the Adarsh Vista club house - if it survived it's high tech journey!!

We had the one night in a mostly packed up house with little to sit on or do. Wills decided the grass was definitely greener....and more comfortable!

The packers were amazing. Nothing lost, broken or  even incomprehensibly labelled. Kids went to school on one bus, home on another. 'Home' not exactly in Will's case. He went round to a friends house for tea, came here having gathered more friends, dropped his bag, went out to play, returned when it was dark.......not even having seen his new bedroom. He has a real posse of cricketers here. In fact 9 of the kids in his class live in this community Though as the IPL has wound to a close the cricket fanaticism among the younger kids may also fade. With Wills it's either no 8 year old home or a bunch of them!!

And Ads...... well "brother from another mother" was already here when Ads got home on day 1 - he'd been helping me put up curtains and shower curtains. He also has friends from school living here or very close by.

We are still getting to grips with the details here - the white goods come with, I just have to be able to make them work!, how to pay the gas?, where and when to get rid of the garbage and how to segregate?, the drink or not to drink? where is our mailbox? and most importantly how to get the ironing guy to come and pick and how to reserve a tennis court!!

Had an interesting week sans internet. Amazing how much one gets done without email and Facebook and how peaceful the world is when you don't know whats going in it!! Though poor blog has been neglected and I think May has the least entries to date.

We are now at the dangerous state where the house is totally livable in but there are things we want to get done to make it perfect leave these a little while, then a little longer and then you've left them so long you get comfortable with the existing and those 'not quite fitting, not quite matching curtains' in the bedroom are still there months or even years later.

What I like best about the new home are the "sit-outs". At Vista as we were on the main drag into the community the little outside space we had was too open and noisy to sit and sup, or was essentially Wills' cricket pitch. Here, we are at the end of a small cul-de-sac and also have more plants, including bananas's - have no idea what or when to do anything with them but for now they look exotic and potentially tasty!

Morning coffee in the air fresh from last night is good!

I love the rains this year. So many weird things happening in the world this year, when the monsoon arrives on schedule it feels comforting, as if there is a rhyme and a reason still.

We are now officially moved in, no more house move related excuses for not getting anything done, and back into the thrust of real life....only two weeks of school left!!!

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