Friday, May 10, 2013

Local Move

Yep -we are moving, not back to the US as was the original plan this summer but a few miles down the road.

Our exit plan seems to be on hold for a variety factors. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing or does it really matter? Yes, life in the US is undoubtedly easier with it's efficiency and abundant choices but then is 'easy' necessarily what it's all about? I could rationalize the pros and cons, the pluses and minuses of here versus there but in the end we are here, we will be here for sometime longer and for now I am not going to worry about the hows, when and why's but concentrate on the nows which is soon going to be a lot of cardboard boxes.

After helping friend C relocate, recently lived through the OWC pink ele at close corners and now our move ---- I am going to be a little boxed out!!

We are essentially moving to exchange bus 3B for one of the '5' buses. The school bus is an hour each way on a "good" day and as its crosses train tracks, passes major construction projects, winds through villages and stops in another housing complex they are a myriad of reasons why there aren't many 'good' days on bus 3B!!

Bus '5' , of which there are three have a much more straight forward drive and hence many 'good' days on a route of 35 minutes. Simon's commute will about the same as it is from Vista.

Wills is very excited about the move - he has so many friends from school in the new 'hood and there are a lot more open spaces for cricket balls and footie ones to fly without risk of broken windows or angry neighbors. Ads is sort of indifferent - he has friends here and friends there but appreciates the shorter bus journey. He will miss brother from another mother across street (so will I) but now they are older and more independent they can travel - all they need is bit more organization!!

Me, I will miss Vista. I will miss Shubha - even if I don't see her one day, I sort of feel connected as I see her maid, Teqi, her car, her driver, the boys etc. but then how many people are so lucky as to have one of their bff that close for even a couple of years! I will miss so much here and in the environs. The little old guy I buy a lemon from every day I pass as he grins toothlessly from under his turban, as he squats on the gravel near his small pile of yellow fruit.  We have never exchanged a word but wobble and smile at each other to convey all is going well in our vastly different lives. The guy at the fancy shop who when I come in for one sheet of gift wrap tries to sell me a mile of brightly colored bangles or   a years supply of different shaped bindi's. The portly manager at Nilgiris (the grocery store) who will have everything in 'next day ma'am'. I have had a happy life spiraling out from my safe haven at Vista.

I will miss my neighbors, especially those who are now friends but who hopefully I will still see from my new abode.

Currently I am dealing with the outward part of the move, more about our new 'hood when we get there. When we moved in here we bought a huge unit/dresser from a neighbour which as we have more closets in our new bedroom we are selling on. It's new owner has sent a lorry to come and pick up. Just waiting for more man power to come help it down the stairs. The beginning of the 'out' wards move. Though packers don't come until next Wednesday and we move Thursday/Friday next week.

So next Thursday kids will leave home on Bus 3 B and return home on bus 5. Their move completed!!

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