Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boxes out, boxes in!!

Our container of boxes ships tomorrow - funny to think of our possessions bobbing up and down in the ocean for weeks. Our garage is now full of the Jumps (who will be renting the house for a couple of years) boxes. It's weird to think that they will be living in our house - their kids in our kids rooms etc. But it's also good to think the house will be in good hands.

I put wills old bed on craigslist as a FREE - YOU HAUL and within minutes I had my first response - now a couple of hours later I've had over 50 replies. Is it the economy and people really need the used, not in very good condition furniture or is it the something for nothing thing. But either way it's like a sea of locusts desceding as the you've got mail bleep is going wild.

Both cars are now sold ( tho the Volvo is with us until we fly) - so a lot of loose ends are getting tied up. I still can't believe were going - probably as I can't imagine what life will be like when we get there!!

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