Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bumps in the road - and our legacy to Adarsh Vista!!

The kids in our neighborhood tend to run and play ad lib. The hub of their after school activity is the Club House. Little kids play hide and seek and the older ones soccer. There is swimming pool, badminton courts, a gym and a few big rooms (where there is yoga and aerobics in the mornings), also a nearly completed tennis court. The neighborhood, Adarsh Vista, has 200 Villas along a maize of little streets (don't ask how many times I have got lost!). We however are on the main street from the entrance which has one speed bump towards the entrance but none at our end, so vehicles (cars, motorbikes, push bikes) tend to get up a bit of speed - I'm sure you can tell where this is going!!

On Friday, after school,  Wills was running about outside playing when 2 motorbikes were coming in opposite directions. I shouted his name (big mistake) and he stopped and turned. One of the bikes which was slowing and on a path to avoid him bumped gently into him. He fell onto his bottom but then back onto his head and a big bump quickly sprouted. Drama ensued -several security guys appeared and enough ice was produced by all our neighbors to fill a bath tub. Wills didn't even cry and his only issue was the ice was too cold!

On Saturday, I then emailed the Adarsh Vista group asking if we could have another speed bump at our end of the street, on Sunday the Adarsh Vista residents team were outside the house reviewing the situation and today there is a pile of cement.

So after only being here a week or so, we have left our legacy in terms of a new speed bump - maybe we can have a plaque but on it (LOL!!)


  1. Well you did say in your profile that the road was going to be bumpy - was that a premonition? Hope Wills is doing ok after this trauma and school and am sure he will settle down with some new friends very shortly. We missed you at Thanksgiving but had a wonderful family get together with Rick, Sharon and Tim. Keep those updates coming and look forward to seeing photos with your new camera shortly......C

  2. Love it! What a great story that will's can tell for years, who know's 30 years from now he may even take his kids to see the speed bump laid in his name!

  3. Hope you were able to carve the boys initials into the wet cement :)on the speed bump~ Love it, making a difference in the world~ I'm so happy for you and your 3 musketeers ~ Enjoy :)
    love to all