Monday, November 29, 2010

Identity Crisis

So much to blog about but I want to take it slowly - so much has been achieved, so much to get done. So many differences but some things just the same! Some bumps in the road (one literally - more to follow!) but we are doing OK.

Big question though - do I say I am English or American? If I talk about "back home" I mean California. The boys are so obviously American. But I am in the first instance British  - born and bred and with an accent. My house is in America and I will return to America. It's all very strange as in the US I definately always described myself as British (and I think aways will despite holding both passports) but here if I say I'm British everyone assumes my home base is there.

Interesting thoughts - the big question tho' is does it really matter - I am a world citizen living on my 3rd continent (now that sounds pretty impressive!!)


  1. So good to hear from you, I have been thinking about you non stop and checking on here daily, can't wait to here more about your new home and the bumps in the road.
    I would say you are British-American!

  2. we are settling in - takes a while to get phone, internet etc. Need to work out how to get pics on here then I"ll be able to show u what our house looks like. Kids our settling in at school - Ads loved it form the start, Wills not so much!! - but think its getting better.
    Loved ur new profile pic on FB, hope u had a good Thnaksgiving - we ignored it! -but going to get it together for Christmas!