Sunday, November 14, 2010

Less than a week.....

I'm actually feeling we may be ready to go on Friday - still have a list of things to do but it's manageable - or am I being too optimistic!

Painter here Monday - that's the hardest thing so far. We painted Wills' room soon after he was born and I stenciled the helicopter and airplane and freehand painted the clouds. I was very proud of myself!! By Tuesday it'll be frost colored - which I think means off white. It would have been painted soon in any case - as Wills is growing up and the room looks shabby. After painters come the cleaners (apparently same have been busy in our Bangalore house), followed by the window cleaners!

Kids are still remarkably even keeled. I am still waiting for some sort of emotional melt down. Adam is really tired as a result of too many sleepovers with his friends and the mattress he is sleeping on, or rolling off! They both have 4 days of school left.

I have decided on (and invested in) my new hobby. Am promoting myself from a point and shoot to a grown up camera- pictures to be on show here once i have worked out how to use it. I ordered it online and it should be here wednesday - better not be late!!

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  1. Well I took them to San Fran this pm and so in about another half an hour they will have officially left California and winging their way to Bangalore. Looking forward to hearing updates from Helen and although I and all the boys will miss them dreadfully, I plan to visit India very soon so get that guest room ready!!! You knew I would be the first to add to the blog. Take care, safe travels and enjoy your, Carox