Monday, August 13, 2012

Adarsh Vista Annual Sports Day

This was a morning of fun organized by the MC of our neighborhood. As so much in India it all came together at the last moment! After near cancellation due to lack of support the last email threatening the event would not happen brought forth a flurry of enthusiasm. The evening before I could hear kids practicing up and down the lanes of Vista, Wills included. Mr Adam "I'm not getting involved" Towers meanwhile kept his distance.

I was the keeper of the results, complete with clip board, and by the end of the morning knew a lot more Vista kid's names and how to spell them! There was a good spread of events from sprints and relays to lemon (for the younger) and egg (for the older kids) in spoon race, sack race and three-legged race to the biathlon (cycling and running) and swimming.

Unfortunately, taking my responsibility of correctly recording 1st, 2nd and 3rd very seriously, I got in the way of Simon trying to record on film Wills (in the orange t-shirt) sprint for the tape!

The age group cut offs were a tad flexible. Mr Adam "I've changed my mind and will now take part" Towers who is now only 2 inches shorter than me and only 2 weeks short of 13, quite fairly, was removed from the 8 to 12 age group to be with the older kids, where he was still the second tallest. He came second in the sprint and paired up with the winner for the two man relay, which of course, they then won. Not quite Bolt and Blake but even so.... His attempt in the three- legged race was a little lacking in elegance and grace. The girls swept the board in this one, much superior team work!!
You can see Ads back left, he and Desu, his partner , both in red bringing up the rear of the field.

Wills took part in most of the events in his age group and also got pulled into the older age group (8 -12) to make up a pair for the two man relay where they came in second.
It was a lot of fun for so many of the kids in the 'hood which took several volunteers but not much else....some chalk, some ribbon, a whistle and that's about it.  The simple things plus time (not money) can give the best results - happy kids, community spirit......


  1. Quite interesting article with different sport activities, nice photograph as well. Thanks

  2. Looked like great fun!