Monday, August 20, 2012

Extreme Makeover!!!!! Yes - this is me!!!

It's amazing what a bit of make-up, a designer outfit and a pair of high heels can do!!

My second trip to my clothes designer Rakhi's was crazy, crazy, a little girl's dream come true.......

The aim was an advert for the OWC Rangoli magazine....the end result me in a designer outfit in The Times of India Bangalore edition along side real models!!! Yes - you did read that right! Of all the bizarre, unreal, outrageous occurrences in our time in India this has to be one of the most extreme. And...I was on the same page as Roger Federer!!!!!!

First came the make-up. As I am not particularly pro in these matters I just sat there and allowed myself to be 'done'. Results looked a little heavy, but apparently that is what is required for the camera.
We then had to pose in different scenarios. We had to sit, stand, chat (funny how some one you can talk to non-stop under normal conditions you cant think of anything to say under pressure) in numerous different positions. I'd never have thought I could do this let alone find it fun. Maybe I am a closet exhibitionist! Maybe it was those heels again! I'm beginning to have a little bit of sympathy for Imelda Marcos! I seriously need to go shoe shopping for just one pair of outrageously high heels/platforms and throw practicality out of the window!!

I havent seen these pics yet so.........

Then, as Rakhi hadn't thought much of the pics the Times of India, Bangalore had taken of her catwalk at fashion week, the Times of India, Bangalore arrived with a couple of their models to take more pics. Things now got a bit more professional! However, as the models got changed into Rakhi's mother of the bride, Henley, Ascot line, I got told to put one on also....and the shoes...More attention was paid to detail, wrist watch off, this ring on, these earrings, hair back, this necklace......The Times of India photographer was way more particular - chin up, hips this way, one foot in front of the other, shoulders forward, hand down, look here, look there and attitude!!!
The real models were really friendly, down to earth..not at all haughty.
This day was so not what I do and yet I loved it - a chance to explore another side of me, discover something new about myself. I could easily have said "no", "can't do that", "don't do that sort of thing"....... and what an opportunity I would have missed. So reminder to myself......give it a whirl, you never now until you've tried......

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  1. What absolute fun!! I am envious. So glad you had a great time. And I hope you bring back several copies of the paper you are in to show off, leave for the grandkids, etc.