Monday, August 20, 2012

Chickpet revisited.....

It was February 2011 when I first visited Chickpet market and blogged accordingly.

So eighteen months later I am back. It hasn't changed but my reactions to it have. On my first visit, Lisa and I were both relatively new to Bangers and at Chickpet we were agog, senses reeling. This was unchartered territory, everything that moved was a photo op, something new and exotic.

C and I have both been in Bangers for over 18 months, so yes Chickpet was cool, interesting and yes I was still clicking away, but instead of merely 'oohing" and "awing" we were also chatting off topic of the immediate surroundings.  It had to be an ultra big cart to be worthy of comment and this one certainly was.
In some ways it's sad that we are now somewhat immune to both the charming and not so charming things we see around. But it also means that we are living life less like a tourist and more like a resident.
As we were the only whites in sight, everyone was keen for a pic and I am always happy to oblige. The  sort of positive racism factor is always interesting. When Parunder (new driver) and I picked up friend C that morning, we were stopped at the security gate of her complex and asked what Villa/apartment number. I told Parunder I didn't know but they were the only white people. I couldn't have said that if they were the only non-caucasian people.
 The colors, crowds, hustle and bustle still amazes but more as to the sheer enormity of the logistics. So many, many people all going about their business. All those people, all those stories.....
some of them just hanging and other frantically busy...
Where do you put your models if your dress shop is on the second floor??? Well on the window ledge of course!!
As far as signage goes, the 'surgical show room' seemed the most interesting but no we didn't visit that particular gallery.
Even in Bangalore which is pretty dirty at the best of times, this street seemed awash with litter. As I stopped to take a snap a local came up to me and earnestly pointed out that the trash collectors were on strike and it is not always like this. I very rarely feel the locals in Bangers are proud of where they live and care if you see at at its best or not. So much acceptance and "it is what it is and will always be" so this was a welcome change. 
C and I then retired to Koshy for lunch, a sort of glimpse of faded elegance from the Brit days and full of local business men, old school accountant types and the odd foreigner. Chicken tikka, naan bread and sweet lime soda filled the gap. It's across the street from the Hard Rock. Both restaurants are tourist attractions in their own way. Koshy's was founded in 1940 and apparently visited by such dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth 11 and a succession of Indian Prime Ministers. And the Hard Rock....well we all now about the Hard Rock world wide! Good old India, again the juxtaposition of the old and new, local and foreign, individual and 'brand'............

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