Thursday, August 2, 2012

Foray into Fashion!

Since we have arrived in Bangers we have had so many new experiences, some of which have been way beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am as you know, low maintenance (probably far too) on the beauty treatments, lazy on getting dolled up, extremely basic on the make-up front, haven't blow dried my hair and hardly got out of my flip flops since we got to India.

So me at Bangalore Fashion week, not exactly where you'd expect to find me!!

To backtrack, through the OWC I met clothes designer Rakhi, not only an expert in her field but a wonderful lady, warm, generous and full of fun. She is based in London but splits her time between London and Bangalore. Her original and high end line is Mother of the Bride, Henley, Ascot, garden party at Buck House......totally gorgeous, complimented by ball gowns and bridal wear. However, she also has a more casual designer line - flowing, flowery, flirty and pretty without being too girly. She invited a few of us to her Bangalore boutique. Its not a shop as such, but a comfortable sitting room with racks of clothes, tailors stitching away upstairs. We tried on the most beautiful clothes and felt like a million dollars. But there will be another blog on this later as we did have another even more "girls dream come true" visit to Rakhi's........

Rakhi had a catwalk in Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW). BFW happened over 4 days in a set up hall with catwalk in one of the 5 star hotels in central B'lore. Each day there were a series of Indian designers strutting their stuff (or rather the models were). The designers had an hour slot in the darkened room, spotlights on the models doing that catwalk walk (hips and shoulders forward, one foot literally in front of the other to get the 'sway'), a multitude of photographers at the ready. Though no amateur pics allowed so this is as good as mine get!

Managed to find a pic of Rakhi' clothes and a model in action. You can see Shuba and me, just. Mine is the dark hair in the front row that sort of sticks up!!

Shubha and I got glammed up and headed off. It was a people watchers paradise. A venue for the young and trendy, dressed to the hilt, some looking wonderful and some not quite having it together. We had front row seats for the show and so could see the models up close, see the odd pink bra strap slipping out, the black thong showing through, a couple of safety pins here and there!! And back stage Rakhi had tales to tell of the chaos and panic before the elegance and grace we see out front. I will write more about the beautiful clothes on show another time as I was lucky enough to get very familiar with them!!
Another experience, not what you'd expect when you think of the experiences one would have in India but this is part of the attraction of this crazy country - you never know what will happen next week!!

This was my fav. dress from our time at Rakhi's and the 'em, love 'em!!!

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"(Marilyn Monroe)...well it sure felt like it!!

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