Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Always something new going on......

Bangers is nothing if not a place of change. As we drive up the streets of a million little shopkeepers there is always a new shop or two. Shopping Malls, apartments, housing communities, office buildings are popping up hither and thither. Construction matching demolition. As the new springs up pushing the old out. Doesn't always feel like progress as the little guys fall prey to the big corporations but I guess or hope in the long run it is.

Wills was invited to an 8 year old Birthday party at the newly open, not quite finished Margot (above).  Opulence ruled! After swim beach bed hut, mega size suckers and hotel provided i-pad to play on.......

Even on a smaller scale there is change a foot. I went out on Friday night with some of my female expat friends to Craftwork, a live music bar. The menu was given to us via i-pad which was how we ordered our drinks and food.

And it worked........

The previous weekend I went to the opening of a German beer roof-top garden - on top of a swiss hotel in Bangers. So with German beer, sausages, suckling pig, and pickled red cabbage we listened to the accordion high above the streets of Bangers. Sometimes the incredulity of it all seems a little absurd!

On Saturday we had to go shopping to buy Wills yet another bigger pair of tennis shoes and stopped at one of the 'new' shopping malls. As we are hotting up to summer here, I wasn't expecting to find ice! But the latest attraction at the mall is ice-skating:
If your kids are too young to skate, then you can sort of skate and push them on a sort of seal shaped, if not colored sled -not seen these before.
And if time is short there is always the ice slide - down you come Wills:

Progress, in some instances, seems to be hitting here fast and furious. In some ways I guess it is easier as there is no legacy. So many cell phones here - but very few landlines. For many: the first experience of a phone is a cell. There is nothing to change from, nothing to give up. 

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