Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best six pics - from last year

Everywhere from Lonely Planet, National Geographic, NYTimes has judged, ranked and posted their best pictures from last year. The OWC is no different, the annual photo comp is fast approaching. With the exotic, beautiful and plain crazy always close to hand India has made extremely good photographers out of a lot of ex-pat trailing spouses, so competition is very tough. My pictures are no where near "la Creme de la Creme" which will be submitted but it was fun looking through the "far too many" I took last year, trying to loosely squeeze them into the three requisite categories and then think up for names for them.

This is my final effort....sadly to post pics to blogspot they have to be shrunk so quality and detail is much better in real life - well on the actual photo:

Category - Nature and Beauty:
1 - Flying Free (Varanassi - September 2012)

2 - Working Until Lunch (Hampi - December 2012)

Category - Culture of India:
1  - The Ganha carries my Sins Away (Varanassi - September 2012)

2 - Ganesha :Larger than Life (Bangalore, Pottery Town, October 2012)

Category - All things Bangalore

1- Bangalore - Life in and out of the shadows (HAL Market January 2013)

2 - Bangalore - Juxtaposition of money, tradition and faith (Bull Temple, Bangalore, May 2012)

I can't wait to see the other photo's submitted as they will without doubt be terrific. It's always fascinating to see what has caught other people's eye, the way they have captured the moment, composed the photo and the stories the pictures tell. Never short of subject matter in India!!

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