Friday, February 15, 2013

Indus PYP sports day again!!

This was our third time around and also a chance to see how Wills has grown.

How quickly the time has flown this last year. Our first year in India passed not slowly, not quickly, it just passed day by day, week by week..... but year two flew by. Maybe because I have more of a routine, less 'bad' indian type days or am more patient and relaxed about the small stuff, adjusted my limits and expectations to fit in with my surroundings........I don't know But I do know Wills has been growing like a weed!!

The change in two years, quite amazing. One thing has stayed constant on the athletic field. His speed, power and determination.  Second grade boys athletic champion!

When sports day falls, all the heats and a lot of the finals have been completed. So sports day has one final event per sex per grade. Which does mean there are not many parents in attendance as not many kids are actually racing. This is to accommodate the speeches - wonderfully short this year!, the yoga demonstration and the drill. The drill as previous has been practised and practised to the loss of some academics I'm sure. But it is pretty incredible to watch! The synchronization was impressive.

I have to end with a little brag on my own behalf. I did enter the parents race (under duress from Wills first grade teacher) and came in third, So now I have my own bronze medal to hang besides Wills multiple medals!

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