Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All for a game of tennis!!!

Poor Purander is running late.....a dog ate his bike seat....yes sounds a tad far fetched but the proof of the pudding.........is in what the stray dog has eaten..... The plastic carrier bag is filled with foam the dog had chewed off and Purander collected from the ground to make his journey more comfortable.

So no ride to tennis so I head for the bus but the traffic is soooo backed up, yes worse than usual, so a rick it will be. We move very slowly, when we move at all. Crossing Maratathalli bridge at a slow snails pace I have time read the murals on the walls of the bridge all very eco, expounding the necessity of saving our planet.

This would be all for the good if I were not currently sitting in a midst of ricks, motorbikes and buses leaving mega size carbon footprints as they belch out vast quantities of dirty, smelly, pollutants.

Having been negotiated down to a reasonable rate for his services rick driver is not finding this slow crawl along the jam packed road particularly financially lucrative so he changes without warning to t'other side of the tracks and into on coming traffic......and we are not talking small on coming traffic, we are talking big....

Anyway I get to tennis, shaken and stirred but in one piece. And after a couple of hours of sweating it out in the sun with my tennis buddies conclude it was worth it!

I then proceed to the mall by car,  Purander having caught up with me by now, where they are having a sort of flea market including a stall of Fedora's. The boys have a bit of a Neill Caffrey, White Collar thing going on. So with the wonders of modern technology I can take pics and email Ads...
so he can make his selection.

Move over Neill Caffrey.....the Towers boys are in town!!

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