Monday, March 25, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Being proud of one, other or both of my brats is nothing new but usually for academics or sports..the usual stuff......

But not for being man enough to stand on stage wearing a pair of bunny ears.... I have to say...despite the fact I could have slapped my eldest for not learning his lines or even having got himself a script he rocked it big time!

This was BICF (our Church here in Bangers) Easter program last Sunday on Palm Sunday. Ads had a main role of the Easter Bunny at a sort of Walmart store, where he is tracked down by some kids he knows who explain to him the true meaning of Easter. He was not remotely embarrassed, entirely confident and played to his audience. In fact I think he enjoyed every minute of it!

Wills meantime was in the kids choir -seen at the back here wearing the hat (don't ask me why!)

Anyway the kids were all great and Ads, I was totally impressed, but please do just pretend to learn your lines next time if only for me!!

To everyone out there......Have a Hoppy Easter.........

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