Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kate Bracks came to Bangers!

Our TV channels are a little strange here. It's a very all or nothing approach. We may have Greys Anatomy, every night Monday to Friday for months as we catch up from the very beginning to being not quite so behind but still 3 or 4 series out of date. As it was with Australian Master chef. We saw Kate Bracks achieve in several weeks, what it took her seven months and viewers in other countries a few months to do which was win series three.

The GM of the new Marriot here is an Aussie and with that connection who better than to get people in their thousands (yes it really was) through his doors than the now-celebrity chef, Kate Bracks. I'm not sure all the Indians who attended the session we did really knew who Kate was, but they knew she was famous and any potential photo op and they were there.

Ads was really keen to go and managed to manoeuvre himself directly behind Kate for the 'children's' photo op at the end. In fact there were quite a few other kids he knew at the event.

She was really good and came over just like she did on the TV show. Down to earth, personable and very friendly.

She cooked chocolate, raspberry, hazelnut muffins which we are going to try at the weekend. Though rasps being in short supply and when they can be found are expensive and not so good, we are going to sub strawbs as they are in season and quite yummy. She also made her retro coffee cake which I remember her making on the show.

We got samples of both, which to be quite honest were OK, but being made in bulk by the hotel staff, I think something may have been lost in translation and the sheer scale of the cooking.

Anyway it was another of those events one would never have thought we'd have been doing in India. Ads now thinks he is getting quite cultured as in a matter of weeks he has been of a photo exhibition and a cooking demo!!

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