Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going to a dog show???

For a variety of reasons there have been a flurry of emails concerning 'grooming requirements' for school. As my sadly no longer resident in Bangers friend C commented "Are they going to school or to compete at Crufts"

A sample:

"The students need to come in Formal uniform and have to be properly groomed. Please support us in checking their grooming at home especially the hair cut for boys, hair neatly tied back for girls and polished shoes"

     "This is to convey that, the uniform schedule and grooming requirements need to be  strictly adhered to. For this purpose, we look forward to your support in ensuring that your child comes to school properly attired. The uniform schedule is once again enclosed for your ready reference. In addition, the grooming requirements are given below;

          1.      Hair not to be all over the face, needs to be pinned back neatly (girls), no     coloured clips only Black hair bands/clips.
        Hair to be cut (boys) -  no hair colour for both boys and girls.
            2.     Skirt to be one inch above the knee not above that.
3.     Shirt to be tucked in and  top button in place.
4.    Belt and tie to be worn appropriately.
5.    School socks to be worn four inches above the ankle with polished shoes.
6.   No nail enamel, multiple earrings, jewellery,  make up.
7.   Only sweaters / jackets provided by the school to be worn.
8.   Uniforms worn should be washed and neatly ironed.

Referring to number 5. the only thing that poor Wills has that are four inches above the ankle are his formal pants that were fitted last August. Now not only dorkily short but very tight around the waist!! His shirts are all set to do an incredible hulk thing as they strain at the seams. 

Ads' pants that were too loose last August are still loose as he seems to get taller and thiner, a bit  like stretching a piece of play dough. For some reason his got made extra long last summer - maybe the Indus tailor for saw the upcoming growth spurt.

At the bus stop in the early morn a decidedly raggedy group of street urchins - top buttons undone, shirts untucked, ties askew, shoe laces undone, shoes backs trodden down clamber wearily onboard. On return the same motley crew disembark, ties round heads like red indians, shirts all grubby with dust, paint and pen and once again untucked. Somehow there must be a transformation at the other end of the journey on Indus property!!

The past two years, once Bangers gets hot and toasty formal uniforms are abandoned and its PE uniform everyday - that's tee-shirt and shorts. Still the ghastly socks and regulation hair cut but a tad easier in the mornings.  

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