Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Any old iron?

The scrap metal market in Bangalore - any spare part for any vehicle - you'll find it here!!
And we are not talking about a higgedly piggedly dirty mess, we are talking about order and cleanliness:
Not sure what these are or what they are for but they were all in line, spruced up, tidy and ready for sale. Every shop is a specialist in one particular vehicle part. Apparently this is the mortuary for all the vehicles which couldn't stand the pace of life on the streets of Bangalore. Each morning the night's victims are dragged in and the post mortem performed. Each part then finds it's way to the relevant expert, is cleaned up, repaired and ready to be resold.
And in amongst the spare parts, India true to form is finding time to live life to the full:
Shooting the breeze, laughing and enjoying the moment, or finding a little calm, and time to reflect, we have a lot to learn!

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  1. The first picture looks like jacks to lift heavy vehicles. Insert long pole into the holes and turn with all your might.