Friday, May 13, 2011

A busy week at School!

First was the 6th grade science fair. Ads and 2 of his buddies were aiming to grow a silicon garden - looked more like a muddy moldy pond to me, but the model was good and Ads still has the gift of the gab......
......and was happy to explain everything to the school's CEO, also known as the colonel. Look at the height of Ads friend Ansuman - just up to Ads shoulder! Also the length of Ads' tie, shows he's not quite mastered the art of tie tying!!
This is the whole project, the brown pool of water hosting the crystal garden! Could have been in the US for this event!

The next event was Wills' class Recycle and Re-use fair. They had made a variety of "useful" items from various throw away household items -nothing new there. But when the parents arrived, each kid had to explain to their parents what they had made out of what and what they had learnt, the parents filling in a questionnaire and then having to answer questions posed by the teachers!
This was followed by a little presentation by the class -as you can see Ads isn't the only one at least a head above his buddies. The Towers kids are truly Towering here!!

And last but not least was DEAR (drop everything and read) week at school. The kids went in the costume of a character of a book. I had negligible input on the costumes. Wills (all of a sudden camera shy) was Prince Caspian (thanks Ramon - birthday gift 2010!) and Adam, Guillam, a character from the Raven's Apprentice, partnered with his friend Calvin who was dressed as Halt,(thanks Lisa (Calvin's Mom)- who cut and sewed well into the night).

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