Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lens deficient on safari (Kabini part 2)

Early morning, it was our 6.00am wake-up call, but with a cup of chai, it didn't seem so bad! This was for our boat safari - primarily looking for different species of birds. The lake was beautiful in the morning mist.

The boat ride was smoother and the birds were a lot more co-operative than the animals as regards picture taking. However, after feeling quite good about my improving photo skills, I was beginning to feel substantially inferior on the lens front.
Maybe one day.............
Apparently we saw a lot of rare and exotic birds but I just took pics of all of them. not really sure which one was which.
But as long as they posed long enough for me to get my act together, they were on film (well on memory card!)
The kids didn't find this trip that exciting and were glad to get back for a warm breakfast. We took another jeep safari, lucky again to see more elephants and another leopard, survived the rains, thunder and lightening, which resulted in a wet bedroom floor (window left open) and 2 frogs in the bathroom and of course sipped another g&t, courtesy of the Brits many moons ago!!


  1. That's kids for you. Mine would have had the same "ho hum" attitude as well. I would consider this wildlife adventure one of the highlights.

    My kids only complained about our recent train trip in March through the snow sierra. I thought is was spectacular. KIDS!

  2. Love the picture of the bird taking flight.