Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Scrimmage at the Rummage sale!

Today was the OWC (Overseas Women's Club) rummage, pink elephant or jumble sale -depending on where in the world you come from. The OWC is not just a group of expat women lunching and exchanging stories of driver drama and malingering maids but an efficiently run organization which raises money for and supports numerous charities in Bangalore.

Now, I know the Indians are enthusiastic shoppers but this took "enthusiasm" to a whole new level!
This was the crowd waiting to get in, an hour and a half before the sale was due to open. In fact, the crowd was so "enthusiastic", the crowd control/security couldn't stand the strain. As the tables tilted and tent walls caved it was decided to open the doors early - Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, New Year sales in the UK, don't have anything on this!
The tables piled high with clothes, accessories and household good soon began to empty. Apparently there is some correlation between your neck measurement and waist - I saw some guys trying pant waists around their neck before deciding if the pants would be a good fit! No jumble sale is complete without some people trying to take an extra discount. The best was a lady who slung an additional handbag over her shoulder. Claiming it was hers was not a good idea, as the cashier she picked on her way out was the donator, the original owner!! I have no idea how some of the more extravagant shoppers were planning to get their bags home:
I picked up some clothes for Sweetie's daughter - I feel bad as all the hand downs she takes are boys blue, so I thought I'd get some princess pink.
It was quite an exhausting long morning, but money was raised for the OWC charities, so it was all in a good cause. 


  1. Sounds like a good time Helen, I can't say that I'm sorry that I missed it. You are a brave one.

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