Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cricket Craziness Continues......

Altho' the world cup is now over, the IPL (India Premier League) season is well underway. Our local team the Royal Challengers Bangalore after a slow start are now rising up the rankings.
So, Simon and Wills, along with a friends of Wills' and his family went to a Friday night match. Ads had some friends over so I stayed home.
It was a good night - the flags were waving. Bangalore were off with a bang, literally. Fire works greeted every six and as Chris Gayle was letting the sixes fly the skies were alight with color!
Simon was very proud of this pic as you can actually (if you blow the pic up!!) see the ball in mid air, having left the bowler and not yet been struck. A lot of Simon's pics featured the cheer leaders (I wonder why!), in some matches the cheer leaders are male -but not so at this one!
It sounded like a great night out and next time I am going. Even as I am typing this, Simon has the cricket on the TV behind me, and the fireworks are once again illuminating the sky as the man of the moment, Chirs Gayle hits another ball in to the crowds!
Wills is cricket mad and I can see when we get back to the US we are going to spend a lot of time driving him up to Fremont or wherever he can wield his bat!

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