Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day at the Market

Russell Street Market is all a bustle from early hours , so by the time we arrived some vendors were all sold out and catching up on their sleep!
The market was a great people watching place and after I had settled down with my camera, no-one really took any interest in the crazy white lady and I was able to get up close.
This old gent took such care in placing his lemons in a perfect array, as do all the vendors with their produce.
So many vegetables and fruits on sale. The pictures are better than words to describe this hive of activity:
But not only fruit and veg but also the most wonderful flower garlands and ornaments, mainly for weddings and religious festivals.
And of course as this in India, there is always an oasis of peace within the noise. What never ceases to amaze me is the calm within the functioning chaos.

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  1. My mom dragged me to Russell as a boy. Didnt care for it then. But the place has incredible character. and the range of smells of each section.