Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All Wrapped Up!!

All I want for Christmas is.......................For some of the kids cared for by some of the OWC charities it is as basic as a pair of knickers and some soap. Makes you think.

Some of these kids are HIV positive or victims of all sorts of abuse. The adults again have tragic stories to tell.

For some of the folks, at some of the charities the OWC supports, we found out what they wanted (tho' I think need is the operative word here), shopped and wrapped. Ads (at home to study) and I got in at the wrapping stage. Luckily no advanced wrapping skills required - neither of our strengths involve scissors, tape, bows and ribbons!

I was so pleased Ads could be there (and yes he did also have time to revise his biology for tomorrow's exam) to get a real sense of how lucky he is, the opportunites he has and will have in the future merely by virtue of the accident of birth. And maybe, just maybe the images he has seen in India, both of those living life so close to the edge and those trying to make a difference however small will stay with him in all he does in the future.  He also managed very well to help organize a team of wrapping women and conducted himself like the wonderful young man he is on the way to becoming.  I was very proud of him this morning!!

As well as the basic clothing necessities we did slip in some sports equipment and of course some chocolate. These were the hard things to wrap. It goes without saying I kept well away from this room!!

In all 240 gifts have been prepared and 180 were wrapped, by a crew of OWC members plus Ads, this morning. Hopefully, this Christmas time, these will bring a little ray of sunshine to some of those living lives too hard to even really imagine.

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  1. Adam was a star that day. Can you ask him to volunteer next year as well?