Thursday, December 13, 2012

The perfect orange....PYP Indus Day is here again!!

Sometimes Indus gets it just right and this was one such time.

Wills had been rehearsing for week and weeks - seems the academics were maybe sidelined for a short while - for his role as King Nigus.

The theme for Indus Day was value and beliefs which gave lots of scope to portray the diversity of the school. The opening speeches from the powers that be at Indus were short (yeah!!!) and actually pretty good.

The little preps (3 and 4 year olds) were as cute as cute can be and as the kids got bigger the performances became more polished and confident. Between the performances as the set was swiftly changed there were recorded videos of kids from all grades being asked questions.......what are your beliefs? are values important? is Indus Day important?, is it fair that some get big parts while some are in the choir? etc.etc. The content of the responses and thought behind them was really quite impressive - even from the younger kids. Indus aims to produce all-round kids as well as academic successes and from these cameos they looked like they may be achieving their aim. I haven't asked the cynical question whether the kids were prompted, how much editing etc....., just taking at face value!

The Perfect Orange is a beautiful little story full of morals and values. King Nigus is a pretty meaty role and Wills was really excited. I asked him several times and apparently he was not at all nervous. When he appeared I was blown away....the make-up lady had done such a great job. As this is a private school and, this is India so labor is cheap, the costumes and props are top notch!

As the event took place in the sports complex and there were a couple of hundred parents in attendance, behind the stage was a huge screen onto which the action was projected. Brilliant idea but made the taking of pictures pretty impossible!!
So afterwards I scurried back stage and got a few better ones of Wills and his mates!

Big bro managed to stay and watch little bro's big moments but then disappeared outside to join in a water fight with some other big siblings who weren't finding the whole event so riveting either.

And I must say one thing to some Indus don't need to stand up, come in or go out when people are performing. Those wanting to see there precious little ones take to the big time can't when your head/body is in the way. They only do this once and if you miss it, it is gone.  See what I mean.......


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