Saturday, December 15, 2012

When the politicians come to visit so does the road!!

It maybe getting boring but another road (yes I can use this word for a few yards) blog.

Is it a co-incidence? As we drove out last Sunday we had a few bumpless, shakeless yards of smooth tarmac......outside the party hall where a local politician was due to!!!! No way, especially as since then there has been no more tarmac appearing and more, yet more digging!!

Tarmac on the street and street hoardings advertising the impending visitor!

Lots of cars and TV cameras.

There were also many parked buses, from which poured numerous supporters to cheer - paid or unpaid who knows.......

Corruption, corruption is rife......and we still don't have a proper road, only a few hundred yards or so reprieve on our journey out of the confines of Vista!!

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