Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is coming..........

Last year we went home for Christmas. The year before we were here in Bangers but confused newbies in a sea of boxes. This year, for a variety of reasons, we are staying in Bangalore. Yes, Christmas will be a tad strange, a long way from family and friends. Santa has yet to figure out how to make those who have been relatively good this year happy, and as for sending Christmas cards avoiding the unreliable India post....... still got to figure that one out.

But, just maybe, we'll have a happy "small" family Christmas here. "Small" being the operative word!! Starting with the tree!

According to Wills, however heavy you are, however small the tree, you still need to be picked up to put the star on the top. Thats just the way it is!!

And the wreath on our front door - you got it....tiny! Being both challenged by locating the necessary ingredients and by oven size, at the bake sale at the OWC I grabbed the closest thing to a Christmas cake I could looks like one, smells like one but we have not yet sampled.....but it is, you guessed it, on the small side!!

But the one thing that is bigger than last year, and maybe the most important of all is our new nativity set, behind which is the most lovely story. ProVision is a charity in Bangalore that amongst other things refurbishes wheel chairs for the poor. It is one of the charities that the OWC helps support. The brother of one of their 'saves' makes these beautiful nativity sets, the profits of which go to the charity. I love everything about this set but especially the wise men - if you can see in this tiny picture one is Indian, one African and one Chinese, which reflects the diversity of the world, 
this city and our little family!!

So I'm thinking maybe our Christmas won't be so "little" after all!!

As we roll into December, we wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season, wherever, however, and of course.......whatever size!!

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