Friday, December 14, 2012

Vista Vibrates..........Talent Show

Adarsh Vista Talent show brought the Vista community together. This was an all day extravaganza. Towers family, I am sad to say, put up a pretty poor contribution. Talent day at the 'hood was sandwiched between Wills Indus Day performance and both boys on the stage at the Church Christmas performance so we didn't have much left to offer save Ads in the treasure hunt and me behind the camera. To save face I have to remind ourselves that in other Vista community events we have been more active!

This is a community of maybe 200 Villas - not huge. But obviously oozing with talent - save Villa 25 (that's us!!)

The day kicked off at some point after 8.00am and save for a two hour break went on until 7.30pm. That is a long time!!!

Even as the performers scheduled for the end of the day danced their well choreographed moves, sang their well learnt classical, traditional or modern pieces or played their well practiced instrumentals...the Vista dwellers were out in force to listen, encourage and support. A great community.

My favorites were the cool gangum style boys:

The traditional india dancers:

And of course the grand finale, the ladies of Vista who finished the event off with a shake and a shimmer! A fest of color, movement and joy!

A mega huge thanks goes to the organizers  who put the whole day together...go Vista!

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