Monday, December 3, 2012

There is no road....Basavanagar Road and BEML Road have disappeared.......

This is not due to rain or any act of God but multiple uncoordinated acts of man. I know I have whined about the roads leading into and out of Vista before but that was when we had roads!!!! The two aforementioned used to be roads are our two routes out of Vista. We are on a corner where they used to meet, now where they both come to a rocky, dirty, potholed end.

Definition of a road is "a wide way leading from one place to another, esp. one that vehicles can use" No, the dug up mess out side our security gates definitely does not qualify.

Someone posted on Facebook:

Now that is more like it!!

Apparently elections are approaching so we will soon have roads again - current guys want to stay in power so need votes!

I never thought my vote could be 'bought' - but if I had one here I would be tempted!!!!

This is what I am ranting about..........

The dug up channel down one entire side of what was the road has been unchanged since Saturday night and there are no street lights!! Traffic has to go single file and this is chaotic, slow and it isn't even rush hour!! Tho' some two and even three wheelers take up the challenge and take their vehicles off road.

 View from side window - glad I am not driving.....we are right on the lip of the open crater....

Even more happy I am not driving........can the bus make it past us without scratching our car ...only just and that is after we fold the side mirrors in!! Good job Parunder seems to know the width of the car to the inch.

 Oh no...another crater. Note no-one is at work in/on/by the trench - just using it as a bike park!
 One solitary tractor - unmanned and immobile!!
Hopefully soon I will be posting pics of smooth, asphalt roads ...but in the meantime - tis a lesson in patience. Bumptity bump!

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