Friday, January 4, 2013

Hampi pt 3 - the kids (ours and others!) and the logistics!

There are somethings no trip in India is complete without and that is kids........our kids and a few of the millions of Indian kids smiling, posing and laughing with us and at us!!!! These kids are so open and their eyes so brights, so curious and such here are some pics of ours and some of theirs....

We travelled in a convoy of three auto ricks. The drivers acted as a guides. We had a very sketchy knowledge of what we wanted to see and how the whole Hampi experience fitted together but our drivers were up to the task. They also did a spot of baby sitting. When the kids were templed out and decided to stay a la rick they kept them under control! They also let the kids have a go at driving....really....our drivers hands were both visible when Wills was at the wheel.
 The teachers propelling these kids round the various sites seemed to have as little control over their charges as we did!

Our kids had so much fun and got on really well together which made for an easy trip and happy parents!!
We stayed in the Hampi Shanti which was is the other side of the river from the main historical interest points. Crossing the river took a couple of minutes and cost a few rupees on a local boat. But we saw many sights of Indian life on the ghats and in the river, bath time for bodies and clothes...

The Shanti Hampi was a collection of little huts each complete with a swing to laze, relax....well if you are a kid maybe not so much r and r!!
 The guest house over looked the paddy fields where we could watch the buffalo at work:

and just enjoy the sunset.....

 All in all a great weekend away, thoroughly recommended! As the sun set we had a last meal in Hampi, a last rick drive to the station and another night on board train, before pulling into Bangalore in the early hours the next morning.

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