Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Off road biking....

Simon did not think my bike route of two blogs ago was the most efficient way to by pass the dirty lake. So with Simon clutching google maps, we had another go, Ads and Simon on bike and me on foot to pick up my bike form Connie's place around the dirty lake.

This ride (for Simon & Ads), jog for me was a lot quicker and a lot less traffic than the route I took......mainly as we are talking dirt roads.

We started off on tiny little streets like these below, hardly room for a car and very quiet on a
Saturday morning.

Before long we turned off road. Ads is the flash of green in the distance.  To think we have been here over 2 years and haven't discovered bike trails literally outside our back door.  These trails do hug the back of Vista, although we can't get out that way but have to go out the front gate and go round to the backside street.

All we past was slum housing. We sort of get used to the fact that people live in these tents just outside our back wall, but sometimes you need to just stop and think....
It was a really nice ride, well on the way back, when I had my bike and wasn't trying to keep up with the boys by foot.

 White folks on bikes aren't that we did have a few spectators.........
Simon and Ads go biking with some friends from their complex but that involves a 45 min car ride first, so it'll be fun to find some bike trails closer to home. Have to get Wills on his bike as well.

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  1. Better than cycling along the Old Airport Road and Outer Ring?