Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Wills

Another birthday, his third in Bangers. Although we have been here just over 2 years, Wills has now had three-eigths of his birthdays here in India.
But the birthday still followed what seems to be a world wide formula. The cup cakes (three batches in my tiny oven to feed a class of 20!) got taken to school and consumed with gusto.

For his birthday Wills decided he wanted to go bowling. Something I think to do with the fact that when we went bowling a few weeks ago en famille, he beat Adam!!

We had a party of 12 bowlers from school and the neighborhood dropped off into our charge at the bowling alley. Wills appropriately, as he was the birthday boy, got the high score of the day. The kids are definitely growing up - doesnt seem so long ago that they could hardly lift the balls and had lost interest before the end of game one. Now 2 games are played competitively and they high five each other when they get stikes or spares - its all in such good humor.

Post bowling we head downstairs in the mall for ice-cream. Swensons being a world wide phenomena! The boys choose their two scoops and toppings, a variety of interesting combinations and we sing Happy Birthday. This is the whole motley crew - not looking their best.

Wills had fun determinedly opening his presents.
Best gift so far Grandpa's....the tennis swing ball. Trouble being overseas is relatives give us money to spend on the kids which uses up all my good ideas. 

After the party, kids are picked up by parents or drivers (now there's a difference!) and the Vista kids come back here for pizza, movie and popcorn.

Wills agrees it was a great birthday. Parents also had a calm time!
But another parents day today as Wills heads out to some friends birthday this afternoon. Three kids out of twenty in his class had birthdays this weekend so its been quite a party weekend for class 2A!

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