Friday, January 25, 2013

When I grow up ........

........I want to be an old woman!!

A few or more years back Kaiser healthcare in the US ran a commercial with some really cool old ladies laughing and dancing to the above song (when I grow up I want to be an old woman) Yes, they were heavier, more wrinkled and grey than in their prime but still beautiful old biddies having fun. There was joy in their faces and a spring in their step. Most noticeably these old gals seemed happy in their own skins.

I'm not advocating letting yourself go, getting unhealthy, turning frumpy, going grey.......but........enjoying each phase of life for what it is, not wishing to be somewhere else on the time line. To be the best 40 something, 50 something you can be......not a 40 something trying and wishing to be a 20 something.....

 To be happy to be where you are in life, to embrace each stage. Not easy in our western world today.

Over the last week I have seen the most gorgeous older ladies and want to celebrate their natural beauty!

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  1. Excellent!!!! but the lady in the last pic does look pissed off!