Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to buy a coconut - HAL market

Earlier this week I spent a wonderful "didn't cross anything off the to do list" sort of day. Went to Bible Study, a long chatty lunch and then to HAL market which I have passed so many times in the car but never got out. This time friend Carla and I did stop, armed with our cameras.

The people here from the old to the young were so friendly, eager to pose and try out their English of which they were duly proud, especially the school kids. I don't know if the market was quiet that day or we were late, but no one seemed in any rush to do business.

Even buying one coconut seemed a very protracted, complex and serious business.

First the milk has to be removed - so little old, but sinewy lady, smashes the coconut on the curb. First strike and the coconut is cracked, the milk bursting forth. Years of practice and hidden muscle power.

 Then, so as not to waste the remaining inner juice of the fruit, she swigs it down:

And on to the hard bargaining - convincing the customer this is the best coconut ever......

Yes, really .........

The negotiating goes on until finally...................

 We have a deal, monies are handed over (all of 10 rupees), seller is happy and buyer moves on to the next stall for another round!


  1. Was passing there today with Sheri and we both said we should stop one day to walk around that market.

  2. Brilliant. Somehow you have caught all the action in your photos- it's better than a movie!